Posted April 27, 2013Air India is the oldest airline company and was established in early 1950s just few years back after the independence. Being one of the top five airline companies of India, Air India is known for offering out of the sight facilities to all of its passengers, the latest addition in this list is the Air India PNR status facility.

PNR is the passenger record which is kept by company. It is useful for both as company as well as passenger can use it for future references. For example if you have booked Air India flight for  trip to Kerala. As soon as you book the ticket and get the printed copy, you are given  a PNR number. You can use this PNR number for all future events related to your flight. You can keep a track on the schedule of that particular Air India flight. You can also track the location of the flight through this PNR number. In the event of flight cancellation or delay, you can get the updated information about the flight by using this PNR online on company's website.

It is one of the most useful facility offered by Air India Airlines  to all its customers. People who get panic easily by unexpected events can be benefited by this facility to a large extent. So whenever you decide to travel next time with Air India, don't forget to use Air India PNR status facility to enjoy a hassle free fun traveling!



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