India is one of the most popular tourist destinations and its culture, traditions, verdant scenery and rich wildlife attract travelers from all over the world. India has an extensive railway network, which is often one of the preferred modes of transport. However, if you are looking to cover more ground in a short span of time, choosing one of the many domestic airlines in India is a better alternative. Right from luxury full-service flights to quick and inexpensive low-cost flight carriers, there are a host of airlines within India to suit the budget of every type of traveler.  You can easily make a flight booking online though the official website of the selected airline or through many of the travel websites.
Air India
Connecting the major cities as well as smaller ones, luxury flights as well as low-cost flights in India operate from early in the morning and their services continue up to late in the evening, so that passengers have a wide range of flight timings to choose from to fit in with their itinerary. For business as well as leisure travelers, almost all domestic airlines in India offer facilities like online web check-in, PNR status to track any updates on flight booking and in-depth schedules of flights with flight fares on their respective networks to help you plan your travel easily. You can modify as well as cancel your bookings online if the need arises. For additional savings on flight fares, do look out for advance booking offers, seasonal discounts and promotional discounts offered on domestic flights.


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